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Film Scoring / Composition and Orchestration Lessons

George has scored over 30 films and had more than 50 students the last 4 years. He is the most capable person to teach you how to create a hybrid orchestra, combining traditional orchestral techniques with electronic elements (drones-pads-synths-loops-arpeggiators, rips and risers)

Listen to an example:


♦screen sharing over the free messenger programme Skype

♦Personally tailored course, only topics you want to learn about are covered, no fixed course tempo or course topics. Everything is broken down into clear steps in order to give usable tools for the professional composer.

♦The tuition fee is €40 per lesson (60 minutes).

♦Orchestral film music writing, vocal arrangement, ethnic, ambient, electronic and other styles of music are covered as wellusing materials and course contents that are unique and not available in any books or schools.


♦ I will write you a personally tailored text that will include the topics that I would cover in the Skype lessons as well.

♦You will get access to all needed texts, score sheets, video and audio files as well

♦I will give you assignments in every lesson and provide you with feedback on it in the next lesson text.

♦The disadvantage over Email is the lacking personal contact but as soon as questions arise regarding the course text, you can contact me by Email.



Film scoring/ Composition:

♦Modes and Film Moods
♦Memorable melody writing/Create themes
♦Spotting the Film
♦Working with Timings/Synchronisation (bars & beats)
♦Understanding drama
♦The visual language of film
♦Working with video
♦Composing complete cues
♦Intelligently analyse the function of music in film
♦Musical form – the psychology and techniques
♦Creativity for the professional composer
♦Understanding moods


Film Music Orchestration

♦Analysis of audio examples and detailed full scores and sketches from top films by Hans Zimmer, Brian Tyler, Jerry Goldsmith, Danny Elfman, Alan Silvestri, David Newman and others!
♦Achieve the Hollywood Sound from film scoring orchestras
♦Arranging and orchestration, steps and techniques
♦Turn a computer running sample libraries into an incredibly expressive and realistic symphony orchestra.
♦Orchestration from basic to advanced
♦Combination of traditional orchestration and electronics
♦Mock-up techniques
♦Recording sessions with small and bid ensembles
♦Orchestration “recipes”
♦Determine the priority of notes when voicing a chord and dividing its notes among instruments
♦Stylising through particular uses of orchestra
♦Idiomatic writing for orchestral instruments
♦Scoring and orchestrating using ethnic instruments


Music Theory

♦Analysis of several film music themes, breaking down to melody and chords
♦Composing a theme and variations
♦Harmony and voice-leading paired with arranging techniques
♦Hollywood Golden Age use of Harmony and counterpoint
♦Romantic harmony and chromaticism
♦Triadic harmonies, pyramids, polychords, chromatic clusters and more
♦Create and effectively use special effects such as string sweeps, woodwind sweeps and more